September is a huge month for cheerleaders. You’re back in school and back to cheerleading. That means lots of big games, pep rallies, and other cheer events on top of schoolwork—but it’s the best kind of busy! This month on the blog, we covered some of the things you need to know to make the most out of this exciting time of year:

  • Summer break is over, which means you are back in school. If you are one of those people who aren’t too excited to be back in school, we think you really have missed it. It sounds crazy, we know, but here are five reasons you actually missed school.

  • Back to school and back to cheer…fall is a busy season! As we start winding down into sweater weather, makeup trends change as well. Here are some go-to looks for cheer events.

  • Cheerleaders are great athletes, leaders, role models, and just all-around amazing people! We love all types of athletes—we are cheerleaders, after all—but there are some things cheerleaders just do better. Here are five of them.

  • Cheerleaders often excel at things outside of the world of cheerleading, like school, jobs, and other sports, clubs, and hobbies. This is because cheerleading instills a strong work ethic. Cheerleaders are high achievers because cheerleading teaches these five key traits.

  • Even though cheerleaders often excel at many things, there’s a big difference between pushing yourself to be your best and being a perfectionist. It’s OK to hold yourself to a high standard. This means you work hard no matter what and do everything in your power to be the best cheerleader you can be. However, the emphasis is on effort, not on results. Here are five reasons being a perfectionist is bad for you.