Along with many other cheerleaders, we like to believe in the phrase, "once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader." Many cheerleaders go on to become cheer coaches or competition judges; even those that don't end up in a cheer-related career usually look back fondly on their cheer memories, store their cheer uniform in their closet, and never fully forget their old sideline chants and cheers. Texas Tech celebrated this motto by honoring its alumni cheerleaders at a recent home football game. 70 Texas Tech cheerleaders from the past returned to the sidelines but one woman in particular stole the show.

That woman is Jane Kuykendall, a 92-year-old who's still got it, proving it by performing the splits for the cheering crowd. Jane was a Texas Tech cheerleader in 1939 but she never really stopped being a cheerleader, as she proves with her flexibility and cheer skills. Jane remained very active after cheerleading, teaching water aerobics classes and ending every class by raising her leg and waving with her foot. Her trademark helped her maintain her splits, which she performed annually at Texas Tech's cheerleading and pom squad reception. A couple years ago Jane broke her hip but that didn't stop her from attending the alumni celebration to show off her splits again (which received a standing ovation from the 60,000+ audience).

Watch the video below to see Jane in action:

News Source: Fox Sports