Hi guys! It's Kaitlyn here, and gosh do I have a lot to share with you. I'm currently getting ready to try out for my high school cheerleading team. Unlike other schools, my high school has two competitive cheerleading teams. Varsity is only open to upperclassmen and the team strictly focuses on competitions. Junior varsity, which I will be trying out for, is open to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. The J.V. team does participate in competitions. However, they also focus on cheering at the school's basketball games.

Tryouts are in summer and I have been working extra hard to make sure that I am in tip-top shape by then. I want to make sure that I am fully prepared in every single way for the big day. I also have a little bit of added pressure because my future coaches both cheered on the same team as my sister when she was in high school. Some people may think that this gives me an advantage at tryouts but it really just adds more pressure to the situation. The coaches will already expect me to be a good cheerleader since I have cheered in the past and have guidance from my older sister. My main goal is to make sure that I make the best possible impression at tryouts.

One of the biggest differences between my youth cheer team and my high school team is stunting. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to stunt at my elementary school because our principal was nervous about the girls getting hurt. However, since I am going to be doing stunts for my high school cheerleading team in fall, I have a lot of work to do, physically. I know that stunting takes a lot of stamina and upper body strength so I am trying to increase both as much as I can. I usually try to spend at least a half hour on the treadmill followed by lifting small 3-pound weights. I know I will be lifting a lot of weight as a back spot. I have also tried Zumba because I love music and it is a great way to work out without realizing how hard you are truly working!

I really don't think I've done this much exercising in my whole life and I had NO idea it was going to be this hard. I have to work out multiple times a week but I am enjoying seeing the results. I have also cut out a lot of unhealthy junk food in my diet and replaced it with lots of fruits and veggies! I am getting better and stronger as each week goes on. I have also been practicing my formations and I realized that I've gotten a little rusty since my last season ended!

My sister has been helping me along the way, too. We do a lot of stretches before we start stunting. I have been practicing my splits and although I'm not quite there yet I am making improvements. After I get my splits down, I can start working on my jumps. I hope to be able to do a toe touch and herkies. I'm starting to feel like I can cheer like a pro! I hope to share a lot of my cheer journey over the summer with you! I am going to be getting my body in tip-top shape, the healthy way!

P.S. Don't start stunting before you stretch or get ready for some major pain!