Whether you're a middle school cheerleader, in high school cheerleading, or just a general school athlete, getting good grades in school is particularly important. Find out our top tips on how to succeed in school and have a great spring semester.

After a (hopefully!) relaxing and fun winter break, most students hate having to return to school for the second semester. Mumbles, grumbles, and dragging of feet can easily snowball into forgotten homework and sloppy test taking. Spring semester may not feel as "new" and fresh as fall, but it's just as important to work hard and keep your grades in tip-top shape! Here are a few tips on how to prep for a new and successful semester:

  • Do it now, not later. Don't procrastinate and put something off for later. It's the easiest way to forget about doing something or to have a less than stellar end result. If you have the time to clean your room, start on your math homework, or finish laundry, seize the moment!

  • Take advantage of the little moments. You arrive at cheer practice ten minutes early. Do you scroll through your Facebook feed to kill the time? Many of us do, as we think ten minutes isn't enough time to do anything of significance. However, when you have a busy schedule, every minute counts. Ten minutes is enough to work on a couple of math problems; to go through a few flash cards; or to work on extra stretches.

  • Get organized ahead of time. Before the semester starts, create a schedule and plan out your next few weeks. Sure it cuts into your winter break, but it will help you in the long run. If you have any class syllabi already, jot down any test or homework dates. Write down all of your cheer practice times in your planner and, if you really want to get ahead, plan out a few long weekly study sessions.

  • Don't forget to eat and sleep. A good amount of sleep and healthy foods can do wonders for your mind and body. Make sure you're eating enough fruits, veggies, fiber, and protein. Add a multivitamin into your diet. Try to get a full eight hours of sleep a night (if not more!).

  • Share your schedule with your family. Parents just want to help. Give them your schedule so they know of any extra busy weeks you may have. Talk to them and see if, during hectic times, they can help lighten your load by doing your laundry or helping with any chores so you have more time to study.

What are your tips for having a great semester?