Here at Omni Cheer, we love our Pop Warner teams! Pop Warner is a great way to get your child introduced to the world of cheer, and what is not to love about that? Pop Warner tends to be less expensive than cheer gyms and All Star teams, which is great for parents who are unsure about your child’s commitment to the sport. It is also a perfect way to teach your child the basics of cheerleading and having fun while doing it. Most Pop Warner teams allow age limits as young as 5, and as we all know, kids grow out of clothes quickly… so you are not going to want to break the bank on an expensive uniform that your child will grow out of every season! Because of that, Omni strives to provide quality products at a low price guarantee. So, great ready to add to cart, because here are your Pop Warner necessities!

Cheerleading uniform packages are perfect for keep pricing low with all the necessities included. We offer different package options, from your basic package all the way to an Ultra Package, as long as you hit our package purchase minimum of 6 or more. Our package price point starts as low as $29–what is a steal! Our Basics Package includes a free bow (select styles only) with the purchase of a shell top and skirt. We also offer a mid-grade package, the Extreme Package, including shell tops, skirts, socks, bows and a set of poms, with select styles of briefs thrown in for free. Our best value packages include a completed uniform set in the Ultra Package: with a purchase of a shell top, skirt, briefs, set of poms and shoes you will receive the socks and bows for free (select styles only). The great thing about these packages is that they are completely customizable; if you don’t like the shoe that comes in the package, you can substitute those out for a Nike®, Adidas® or Nfinity® shoe (at additional cost).

Now that you have your uniform picked out, you need to think about customization. I have seen Pop Warner events and talked to parents about customization–typically the first thing you cut out when trying to keep order pricing low. Most parents I talked to found paying for customization is not worth it on their 5-year-old’s uniform. For uniforms, typically tackle twill is the way to go for shell tops. Tackle twill is pretty much the standard and looks the best. However, when you have a team of 5-year-olds that are going to grow out a the uniform in a year, paying anywhere from $9 all the way up to $50 for tackle twill is not worth the price. If you do go the tackle twill route, try and not use too many letters. If your mascot is, say, the Mustangs, the entire word ‘Mustangs’ will be very small across a youth shell top; it might be better off just tackle twilling the ‘M’. You just saved at least $10 off your tackle twill.

I have seen many teams try and negate customization cost by screen-printing their shell tops themselves. This is something Omni Cheer does not offer, but can be done locally. The reason we do not offer it is because screen-printing on shell tops tend to peal easily. After several washes, the screen prints will dull and start pealing off the uniform. It is not worth the cost. Another option is to embroider a team name on the shell top. For young teams, 1-color tackle twill is the best option although embroidery stands at second best. It looks good, especially on youth-sized shell tops. The embroidery is smaller, see below the difference in size. However, when you have a youth size shell top, the embroidery does fit well and is at a much lower price point than tackle twill.

Last, but not least, Pop Warner cheerleaders need a bag! You need something to carry all your cheer items in. Omni Cheer has many different bag options, anywhere from duffle bags to backpacks all the way down to totes. We offer bags in all different colors–even some in glitter! Omni Cheer offers their own Chassé® brand items along with bags from our partners at GK Elite, but we also carry brand name bags like Nike and Nfinity. Depending on your price point, we offer bags as low as $9.95!

With our great quality and unbelievable pricing, you will be able to find exactly what you need at any price point. The best things about our items is that they are all in-stock and ready to ship. If you do go with a customization option, you can generally receive your order within a 3-4 week timeframe. We love our Pop Warner cheer community, and we are here for you!

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