Cheerleading pumps through your veins, and you wouldn’t trade it for anything! However, with all the ups come the downs, and some downs make you want to just tear your hair straight out of your head! Most cheer problems have an easy resolution, but sometimes, problems are unique to your role in the cheer world, and it’s hard for others to relate. For instance, how could cheer parents even possibly know about the stigma cheerleaders face? They’re not subject to the stereotypes! Because there is such a separation between different kinds of cheer enthusiasts, we compiled different lists of problems that only certain cheer roles would understand. Oh, and we set it to GIFs… for emphasis and good measure.

  • First off, let’s start with the obvious one: cheerleaders experience different problems than coaches, parents, choreographers, etc. They’re the talent! With all the demands put on cheerleaders, it’s easy to crack under the pressure. Some problems are monumental; some problems are minuscule; it really all depends on the situation at hand. No matter where in the world you’re cheering, no matter what kind of team you’re on, and at what level that team may be at, there are just 5 Problems that Only Cheerleaders Would Understand.

  • Parents, you do so much. Cheerleading is very demanding on the schedules of parents: it’s maddening trying to coordinate all of the cheer duties of your little cheerleader around your work schedule, and their school schedule, and your personal errands, and (oh yeah) any possibility of a family and social life. Cheer becomes you’re whole life, and if it wasn’t so thrilling to be a part of, you might’ve thrown in the towel a long time ago. Cheers to you, parents, you make this sport happen! Besides being busy, there are 5 Problems Only Cheer Parents Will Understand.

  • Speaking of the adults of the cheer world, let’s hear it for team coaches! Tying it all together is your specialty, and seeing the mark you make on your cheerleaders’ lives makes any obstacles disappear at the end of the day. And, once you thought you got past an obstacle, the same issue likes to reappear the next day. And, the day after that. No matter what kind of team you coach, or how long you’ve been a coach, there are 5 Problems All Cheer Coaches Would Understand. You might recognize these a little too much…

  • Lest we forget, there is one role in cheerleading that calls for a lot of effort, and is loaded with challenges. The funny thing is, cheerleaders actually strive to take this role on! That’s right, we’re talking about becoming team captain. Once the dream finally turns into a reality, cheer team captains realize they get more than they bargained for–nobody said anything about it being hard to do! You’ve got your title, now stay calm while you experience the 4 Problems that Cheer Captains Know Well.
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