It’s November, and you’re probably looking forward to jumpstarting the holidays with your friends and family with good food, fun festivities, and breaks from school! Although all of that is right around the corner, the whole world just finished getting into being spooked and startled with the conclusion of Halloween. As people are pulling off the fake spider webs they stretched all over their lawns, cheerleaders line up to man their stations on the mat or the sidelines to continue to be scared day in and day out by many things in cheerleading! Cheering is not for the weak of spirit! Cheer scares can happen anytime, anywhere, and you never know when one is right around the corner. We wanted to know what cheerleaders are the most afraid of, considering all the possible scary scenarios that could happen in their sport.

We asked, 474 of you voted, now here are the results!

1. The number one scariest thing that you voted for is, indeed, TERRIFYING. 44% of you said that you get shivers up your spine just thinking about “when your stunt falls”. If you’re a base, you are either going to get kicked in the face or drop your flyer; if you’re a flyer, you’re either going to hit the floor or have to watch your bases bleed. It’s just not fun all around in the best case scenario, and in the worst… well, that could lead to life-threatening injuries! Concussions are no joke, and cheerleading is full of them. Just remember, practice makes perfect, so make every second of practice count to avoid this stunt falling nightmare!

2. The second most frightful cheer moment, with 25% of you feeling this way, is “those 10 seconds before your routine starts”. You’re standing there on the mat, frozen, your adrenaline at an all-time high, and your heart is beating so loud that you’re surprised the judges can’t hear it. But, then the music starts, and you’re launched into doing your thing! With so many emotions that go into competing, it’s no surprise that all the little voices in your head go a little crazy before your big moment on the mat.

3. Along the same lines, the third most popular answer is yet another competition moment. You’ve made it through your routine, you’ve handled your nerves, and performed your heart out… and now you wait. For 15% of voters, the moment “right before they announce a competition winner” is the scariest one of them all!

4. Competitions aside, there are other instances in cheerleading that will make you jump right out of your skin. 12% of you believe it’s “that one face your coach makes”, and rightfully so. It’s not pleasant when you are the recipient of THAT face. Your future does not look bright with THAT face.

5. Last, but not least, 4% of you voted that “running out of hair spray” is, by far, the scariest moment in cheer. And, who’s judging? It happens at the most inconvenient moments–like, right before they name the Homecoming Court or when you arrive at a competition. You may be fearless to all the other aspects of cheering, but having no hairspray is just something that you cannot control.

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