As athletes, cheerleaders and cheer squads are bound to experience a rivalry, whether it's with another school, another sports team, another teammate, or even a sibling. While rivalries can encourage teams and individuals to push harder and give 110%, some rivalries can go too far and create a negative atmosphere.

Learn about finding the balance and handling rivalries with this guide.

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Whether your sibling is on the team with you or you're on a team with two siblings, know how to handle any sticky situations.

A rivalry between teammates can drag down an entire squad. Learn how to squash a teammate rivalry and unite everyone.

Fellow School Teams
You may represent the same school but you still compete against one another, even when you're completely different types of athletes. Find out how to rise above.

Other School Teams
Nearly every school has a rival. While friendly competitive is fine, keep it clean and keep it spirited.

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