No Refund for Cheerleaders After Fraud Competition (VIDEO)

by omni

Hundreds of cheerleaders and their parents were left shocked and disappointed when a cheer competition was suddenly cancelled. What’s worse? The competition wasn’t legitimate and no refunds have been given. On average, cheerleaders’ parents lost several hundred dollars each. For some, it was closer to $500 with travel costs. What exactly went wrong? The local organizer, Halee Yates, booked a bad venue and took the money. More than 300 cheerleaders — some traveling from as far away as Maryland — arrived at the Melia Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia for a competition, only to learn that the hotel wasn’t equipped for a competition, as it doesn’t have high ceilings or space. While the organizer was arrested by police onsite, criminal charges haven’t been filed yet. According to WSB-TV, who originally reported the story, Halee runs Cheer-Nation, an event company that organizes cheer competitions in the southeast. Since the incident, Halee has apologized but for most of the cheerleaders and parents, an apology is too little, too late. Cheer dad Chad Deannelly told WSB-TV, “It’s more disappointing for the children who came, got up early to perform work all year long for this.” Chad and his cheerleader traveled all the way from Alabama. “This trip is going to cost us $500 by the time hotel and expenses go into effect.” This story is definitely a reminder to always be careful when looking for competitions to attend. Always make sure the organization is legitimate and that the location has a reasonable amount of space. Find out more about this story in the news video below: News Source: WSB-TV

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