At Permian high school in Odessa, Texas, students and their parents are fighting for the right to cheer. Several are bringing their concerns to the attention of the school district officials. Their complaint? Cheerleading is the school's only sport without a JV team.

Currently, only juniors and seniors can be cheerleaders on the squad - not sophomores (freshmen attend Bonham Junior high school). Sophomores (and soon-to-be sophomores) are arguing that this severely limits their skill set and chance for growth, as well as school participation (and, in effect, chances of college admission, especially if they want to join the college cheer team). Freshmen cheerleaders at Bonham Junior High have to take an entire year off before joining the cheerleading team, making it difficult for them to maintain their cheer skills.

According to Permian Basin 360 news, the school board isn't entirely convinced...yet.

We hope the cheerleaders get a JV team! Check out a video of the news coverage below:

News Source: Permian Basin 360
Does your high school have a JV and varsity team? Are there any limits or requirements for joining the varsity squad? Share with a comment!