Spring means cheer squads everywhere are saying goodbye to some team members and welcoming new ones.  Whether you are joining a new school or gym, changing levels, or staying on the same squad but getting new teammates, you will have a new team with new dynamics. This will take some getting used to! No two squads are exactly alike, and even the same squad will differ slightly from season to season. 

Learn how to bond with your teammates, adjust to your new squad, and set your expectations and focus for the coming season in this new guide that includes tips for cheerleaders, coaches, and parents.

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Bonding with Your New Squad 

Every year, and sometimes even every season, teammates come and go. Some graduate, some move, some change teams, and some are new to the sport. Whatever the reason, this means that at least once a year you get to become friends with a new group of cheerleaders. This is, of course, not a bad thing. But for some, it’s not always the easiest thing. Whether you’re shy or just new, adjusting to a new squad may take time. Here are a few ways to get to know your new squad that are fun and stress-free. Use some (or all!) of the ideas, and your entire squad will be BFFs in no time.

6 Ways to Adjust to Your New Squad

No cheerleader will be on the same cheerleading squad for her entire cheer career. Everyone moves up levels or changes schools, and some move or join a different All Star team. Whatever the reason for the change, adjusting to a new team doesn’t have to be awkward or difficult. Follow our tips and you’ll feel fully adjusted to your new team in no time!

Setting Realistic Expectations for a New Cheer Squad

Whether you’re a cheer parent, coach, or cheerleader, a new cheerleading team presents new challenges. No team is ever the same, and even the same team can change over the course of a year. Each year, with the changing of a team or level, it’s important that you set new, realistic expectations for the coming year.

Squad Focuses, Season by Season

Even the off-season isn’t really an off-season for cheerleaders and cheer coaches. Many cheer teams are training and practicing year-round. While there are so many different types of cheerleading teams nowadays—All Star, Pop Warner®, sideline-only, sideline and competitive, etc.—there are general tasks every cheerleading team should focus on each season.