Cheerleaders are great athletes, but fulfilling your role as a cheerleader is about so much more than that. Cheerleaders are representatives of their team, school, and community, after all. That’s why it’s so important for cheerleaders to be good sports, not just good athletes. 

Learn the difference between a good athlete and a good sport as well as how to excel in your role as a good sport in this new guide. You’ll get tips for helping your teammates through hard times, staying positive in difficult situations, handling rivalries with other schools and teams, and being a good role model for your teammates and others to follow. 

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Good Athlete vs. Good Sport

There’s a difference between being a good athlete and being a good sport. You can be one, you can be both, or you can be neither. Being a good athlete is great, but being a good sport is better. 

Helping a Teammate

Good sports are good teammates. Being a good teammate is easy most of the time, but it’s coming through for your teammates in the trying times that really counts. 

Staying Positive

Cheerleaders are pretty positive people, but there are times when it’s hard to stay positive. Part of being a good sport is keeping a good attitude in tough situations. 

Dealing with Rivalries

Rivalries can be fun and bring out the best in both teams, but they can also get ugly. Part of being a good sport, not just a good athlete, is knowing how to be competitive without being mean. 

Being a Role Model

A good athlete is successful in her sport, but a good sport makes people around her better as well. There are a few key ways you can be a role model for others.