Cheerleading costs a pretty penny, and coaches have the wonderful job of communicating just how much that might be. A coach’s job is never easy, and talking about team funds is not one of the most glamorous parts of the job. Luckily, there are ways around spending top dollar on cheer costs, no matter what budget your team has to work with!

Before you get team parents riled up over season necessities, a cheer coach can benefit from learning the basics of cheer cost minimization–in other words, knowing your options! Some cheer items you cannot skip over entirely, like uniforms for instance, but there are definitely secret ways to cut corners when it comes to the price tag. Never underestimate the power of a cheer team in their ability to generate funds either, because fundraising is one thing that has the potential to turn squad shopping from an ominous experience into a thrilling one! So, put down the calculator, take a deep breath, and download this free eBook with our top shopping tips to put your mind at ease about everything.

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Intro to Cheer Cost Minimization
We reveal three key ways that coaches can keep cheer costs down in order to help out everyone involved.

5 Ways to Save on Uniforms

Since cheerleading uniforms is one cheer expense that you just can’t skip, we tell you how to at least save a little money.

Lowering the Price of Team Travel
If your team flies to a competition or other cheer event, take these tips into account to help you get the best price possible on your plane tickets. Bon voyage!

4 Simple Fundraisers (that Actually Work!)
Here are a few ideas for fundraisers that cost little to put on and are likely to be big hits with your supporters.