As big proponents of spirit, it's important for cheerleaders to be involved with their community. However, their only community activity shouldn't be fundraising; a cheer team should also give back to their community or get involved with a local charity.

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The Benefits
Cheer squads should have a presence at school and within the community. There are endless volunteer opportunities and ways to give to others, whether it's family or strangers. Getting involved in the community is a good thing for cheer squads to do year-round.

Seasonal Opportunities
One of the great things about giving back to your community is that you can do it any time of year! Depending on your squad's busy seasons, you can help your community during the summer, spring, fall, or winter. There are always dozens of ways to help, no matter the time of year. To avoid too much stress or overwhelming schedules, find a time in your squad's schedule that allows for community projects or events. If you're a competitive squad, find time in the summer for a project. If you're a sideline squad, you may have time in early spring or winter.

Utilizing Fundraising Methods
Want to give back to your community but don't know what to do or how to do it? The easiest way to start is to rely on experience you already have "“ fundraising! Nearly every cheer squad has fundraised before. Those methods "“ whatever they were "“ can easily be transformed into actions for a good cause.

Inspiring Examples
Cheerleaders at all levels are frequently involved with their community. Whether it's through fundraising or helping out a program in need, cheerleading squads from all over find unique ways to give back and inspire their community. While it's impossible to share every story, we can share a few of our favorites.

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