When January rolls around, people young and old resolve to make the new year even better than the last. Some choose to make changes in their lives, and others vow to stay as awesome as always. What are your new year's resolutions? Here are some ideas for new cheer's resolutions!

Master a New Technique

Have you been working on getting a full split? Throwing a tuck without anyone spotting you? Hitting a perfect basket toss? Make 2015 the year you get it down. Whether it's a technique that you've almost got down or something brand new, make a promise to yourself that by December, you'll be a pro at it. Do extra stretches or workouts (always in moderation"”safety first!), sign up for open gym time for tumbling, or talk to your coaches and captains about focus points for practice. Working together with your coaches and teammates will keep you motivated and safe, and they can offer advice or constructive critiques of how you can improve. There's no need to rush a technique and master it in a week; give yourself 2015 to get it down.

Bond with Your Team

A squad is much more than a sports team; don't miss out on the opportunity to make closer connections with your teammates. If you're an upperclassman or veteran cheerleader, reach out to new members of the squad. If you're an underclassman, don't be afraid to approach the older cheerleaders for advice or just to say hi. These are the people who hold you up in your stunt or count on you to hold them steady, the people who hit their motions and jumps beside you on the sidelines and at competitions. They're also the friends and peers you see at practice and in school outside of cheer. Squads can be in sync on and off the mat!

Save a Little

Save a little energy, save a little time, save a little money this year. Hard work is the bread and butter of cheer, but pushing yourself too hard doesn't end well for anyone. Marking stunts, jumps, and tumbling at practice is fine, so never feel like you have to wear yourself out in the midst of running a routine over and over again. At night, lay out the clothes and accessories you plan to wear, pack your cheer bag, and finish your assignments for class. You'll save yourself a lot of time getting ready in the morning! If you have a part-time job, babysit, or win a contest, always try to save some of that money. Even a little bit of money set aside will add up for when you need it later.

Splurge a Little

Eying a super cute hoodie, new practice gear, or sparkly makeup that would be perfect for Friday night games? Dying for a night of pizza and cheesy (but amazing) rom-coms with your friends? Splurge a little! Pick one thing off your wish list and make it a treat to yourself. Maybe you're spending a little extra for a party with your friends, or maybe you'll reward yourself for a great season, report card, or throwing that tuck you've been perfecting (see above). Remember that a little splurge is OK every once in a while and that you are worth splurging on!


It can be hard to fit everything we want or need to do into our daily lives. Sometimes we obsess over things we like (looking forward to seeing your favorite band in concert with your friends) or dislike (freaking out studying for a test in your toughest subject). On the flip side, sometimes we dread a task so much we put it off and try not to think about it. Spending a little time on everything makes the tough stuff more bearable and the fun activities that much sweeter. A little bit of homework, cheer, friends, and fun every day, and you're on your way to a well-balanced life.  

Stay as Awesome as Always

What can I say? It's a solid resolution! Remember how amazing you are, and your resolutions will come true in a snap.
What are your new "cheer's" resolutions? What are you looking forward to most in 2015?