Summertime has arrived. As you empty out your school locker and walk off-campus one last time, you know that only means one thing–cheer camp is coming! There’s nothing like getting away on a summer adventure with your team to sharpen your cheer skills… and you’ve waited all year long to do so! Every year, cheer camp is the highlight of the season, and you come back home not only new tucks and tumbles, but also memories that’ll last forever.

In our last month’s poll, we knew you were getting excited for camp, so we asked what exactly you were most looking forward to. We asked, 190 of you voted, and now, we reveal the results:

1. Clearly, this was an easy question–a whopping 69% of you said ‘all of it’! And, we don’t blame you! Cheer camp envelops so many different aspects of cheerleading: camaraderie, teamwork, stunting, tumbling, and most of all, fun! It’s a time to break free of the seriousness of the season and engage in some silliness, but also strive to learn more about the sport you dedicate your life to. Cheer camp is the epitome of living the cheer lifestyle, so how could you possibly choose what you like best about it? It’s the whole package!

2. The second most popular answer was of no surprise either; 15% of you voted ‘learning all the stunts’ which is the point of camp, after all! Unlike other areas of cheer that you can practice at home–like motions, jumps, tucks, and even tumbles–stunting requires a whole team to participate. During the season, stunts are worked on as means to hammer down a routine, either for competitions or for pep rallies and halftime shows; at camp, there’s no ticking countdown to get a stunt on point, so you and your team have more time to learn at your own pace. Plus, what better way to spend the summer than by stunting outdoors in the sunshine?

3. Coming in at answer number three was another great thing about cheer camp: ‘hanging with your friends every day’! 9% of voters chose this team bonding option, and we agree–cheer camp is a perfect place for team bonding. No matter what age of cheerleader you are, summertime is about connecting with friends and making memories. And, what better way to do so than away at camp?! With your cheer besties by your side, you spend a couple days (or even weeks) away from home, learning to be better cheerleaders. It’s truly the best time of your life.

4. The fourth most chosen answer was along the same friendship lines, because 5% of voters chose ‘meeting new people’. Yes, cheer camp is a great opportunity to bond with your team, but half the fun is meeting cheerleaders from all over the country! Even the most reserved cheerleader can build lasting friendships at camp, since it’s easy to step outside of your comfort zone as you work together throughout the day. Who knows? You might even make new friends for life this year!

5. The least popular answer, coming in fifth place with a mere 2% of votes, was ‘being outdoors’. Well, we get it… you’re probably going to be outdoors most of the summer anyway. You don’t need to go to cheer camp to get you out of the house! Still, it’s nice to be able to practice outside for a change and tumble on some fresh green grass!

Whichever option you favored the most, have a great time this summer at cheer camp! Make sure you stock up on some camp practice wear before you go, pack accordingly (don't forget the sunscreen!), and check out the full results of our May poll below. Oh, and don’t forget to vote in our June poll that's now up on our blog site!

Were you surprised by the results? Are you looking forward to something at cheer camp that wasn’t listed as an option? Let us know if the comments!