This is the time of year we are looking forward to summer break, but also dreading having to say goodbye to our senior teammates. It’s also time to get ready for cheer camp and maybe even order new uniforms! This month on the blog, we gave you tips for handling all the above. Here are some of our top cheer topics to catch you up:

  • In the cheer world, you’ll meet cheerleaders from many different backgrounds. Even on your own team, you probably have great cheerleaders who just recently joined the squad, while others fell in love with the sport in elementary school. Some people have been cheerleaders all their lives, while others started out as gymnasts or dancers or other types of athletes before finding their way to cheerleading. No matter how you became a cheerleader or what type of cheerleader you are, once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader! That’s why we love cheerleading so much, and why we love hearing stories of how cheerleaders got started.
  • Summer break is almost here! But the last few weeks can be the hardest part of the whole year as you sit restlessly in class wishing you could be running around outside. If you know this feeling of wanting to break free from the classroom more and more as the end of the year approaches, don’t worry! These five tips will help you conquer "summeritis."
  • The end of the school year is a totally different experience for seniors. You have so much to be excited for, but so much still to get done before the year is over. Of course, you also have to have at least a general plan for what you’ll do after graduation. This is exciting, but also challenging and potentially overwhelming. Basically, the feelings you experience senior year are all over the place, and there’s just nothing quite like it. So, seniors, rest assured that you’re not alone and you will make it through. In the meantime though, take comfort in these GIFs that explain what you’re going through.
  • The end of the year is difficult for non-seniors too because each year you lose teammates to graduation! Our teammates are our family. We go through so many highs and lows together, and this makes it tough when we inevitably have to say goodbye. Of course, we can always stay in touch and be friends forever, but that’s not the same as seeing each other at practice every day! There really is no way to make losing senior team members easy, but you can do things to commemorate them and let them know how much they mean to you.
  • Summer approaching means it’s almost time for cheer camp! Cheer camp is every cheerleaders’ dream come true—days dedicated to nothing but cheer—but even for the most cheer-obsessed among us, it’s a lot to handle without getting exhausted or burnt out. That’s why we made this handy chart to tell you how to survive camp!
  • If you’re a cheer coach, this is the time of year you are wrapping up your tryouts and choosing your team for the upcoming cheer season. That means your next steps are getting to know your new team members and ordering your cheer uniforms, warmups, and other cheer gear! Choosing your team cheer apparel is a major step toward a great cheer season, so set your team up for success by consulting this pre-order checklist.

What cheer topics were on your radar this month?