Now it's the boy's turn! Two female high school cheerleaders recently set a world record for most consecutive number of back handsprings - the first completed 42, and the second, 46. Now, a male tumbler has broken his own Guinness World Record for most number of consecutive handsprings performed by a male. The 17-year-old Texan, Tim Wade, completed 46 handsprings. He broke the record at the Cowboys stadium on Guinness World Records Day 2013.

Tim has been a gymnast and tumbler since he was a young child. Tim previously held the record for consecutive handsprings when he completed 39 last year, but his record was broken by another male athlete who completed 44. Tim returned to reclaim his title!

Check out the video below and watch Tim complete the record:

You can read more of the story on the Guinness World Records website.