Didn't have a chance to read all of our articles from this month? No biggie! Every month is a big month for cheerleading news but we rounded up a few of our top stories and topics that are must-reads from the past month.

Check out our top picks from the month:

  • As we head into the hottest months, it's important cheerleaders know what type of practice wear to wear at practice and cheer camp. Find out what fabric is best for your workout.

  • We've shared a lot of tips on what to do when fundraising, but we haven't shared what not to do. Read our tips on what not to do when planning your next cheerleading fundraiser.

  • One of our contributing writers shared a great story on how she discovered her "cheer self." Read her story on how she changed from a wallflower to a spirited cheerleader performing front and center on the sidelines and competition mat.

  • Heading to camp? An away football game? A competition? Whatever cheer event you're heading to, it's important you know how to properly pack. It's not as easy as it looks, so read our tips so you never over-pack or forget anything!

What was your favorite piece of news from this month?