Shopping for cheer shoes can be a strenuous task–there are so many elements to weigh to make an informed decision! There are different cheer shoes designed for all the aspects of cheerleading, and depending on what you do as a cheerleader, you might need different shoes than others. There are shoes for flyers, tumblers, and bases. There are shoes for competitive cheer teams that are completely different than the cheer shoes recommended for outdoor wear, like those for sideline or rec teams. Getting the right cheer shoes is necessary to cheer right, so do your feet a favor and research how to get the right shoes for you before you buy. Once you’ve figured out what kind of cheer shoe is right for you, you now have to choose between various brands within that selection. There are many cheer shoes out there! So, we wanted to know what you look for most in a cheer shoe (besides fitting your team and your feet)!

We asked, you voted, and now, we reveal what cheerleaders say they look for most in cheer shoes:

1. The most popular answer is a no-brainer, COMFORT! Cheerleaders are always on their feet, whether stunting on the mat or standing on the sidelines, so cheer shoes have to be comfortable. Imagine being on your feet that long without shoes that fit right?? It would be intolerable! With a whopping 47% of voters saying it’s the most important, make sure you opt for highly recommended cheer shoes if you’re a first-time cheer shoe buyer.

2. The second most popular answer is shoes that are light in weight! This makes sense: once you find shoes that are comfortable enough to tumble in, you need lightweight shoes to help you tumble. With 27% of cheerleaders in our poll opting for this answer, obviously cheer shoes have to have the right weight or they won’t make the cut!

3. The third most chosen answer is durability. As a cheerleader, you’re almost permanently attached to your cheer shoes, and you don’t want to being buying a new pair every month! Since durability is still a high priority for a lot of cheerleaders, with 19% of voters saying it’s the number one thing they look for, it’s important to find cheer shoes that last. Cheer shoes can be durable without breaking your bank account either, because there are many budget-friendly cheer shoe options out there to help cheer teams afford everything that they need.

4. & 5. The last two answers are pretty low on the list, with 4% of cheerleaders saying that they look for cost-effective cheer shoes above anything else and 3% saying that breathability is the most important factor. Although both of these least popular answers are significant, they just don’t measure up to the other constituents that make up a cheer shoe. Luckily, there are cheer retailers that cater to all elements of cheer shoes, so you don’t have to only get one quality at a time!

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