With the New Year upon us, it’s only natural to start focusing on the year ahead! Many cheerleaders and coaches take this time to analyze their progress that they’ve made in cheerleading, as well as the areas that might need some work. Winter is an excellent time to make personal and professional goals for yourself, but there are several other elements of winter that are just as enjoyable!

We asked in our January poll which winter entity you enjoy the most, and 231 responded! We asked, you voted, and now, here are the results!

  1. Well, obviously all of it! Out of the five choices, it’s clear that you love winter in all its glory–with a whopping 43% opting for all of the above. This includes the other poll options “catching up with friends and family”, “practicing for competitions”, “having a break from school”, “the snow”, and probably many more variables all rolled into one awesome winter season! We couldn’t have possibly listed ALL of the wonderful things about winter in the poll because it would be too long, but it’s evident that it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Cheerleaders love it all.

  2. The second most popular answer was “practicing for competitions” at 22%. Winter might mean snow days and a lot of Netflix to some people, but to competitive cheerleaders, it means that it’s time to step it up on the mat. Practices are all about going full out, and there’s no such thing as down time! However, seeing as this answer came in second place, it shows that competitive cheerleaders–although working harder than ever during this time of year–wouldn’t have it any other way. Way to love what you do!

  3. The choice that came in third was another no-brainer: “having a break from school.” This answer was surprisingly neck-and-neck for second place at 21%, which shows that cheerleaders would rather keep cheering than take full advantage of a mental break. Studying cheerleading totally counts, too!

  4. The answer fourth on the list was “the snow!” This makes sense, since not all cheerleaders have snow where they live, and the ones that do may not like it very much after a long winter season! It’s been extra blustery this year around the United States, and blizzards are still raging around the country. So, bundle up for a little bit longer, cheerleaders of the cold, and know that February marks the last month of extreme weather. At least we hope so.

  5. The least popular answer on the list was “catching up with your friends and family” at a mere 6%. Now, we don’t think cheerleaders avoided this answer because they’re antisocial by any means! We think this answer might’ve been avoided because cheerleaders might not have had much free time to socialize over winter break–especially the ones practicing for competitions! Sorry to rub in the lack of downtime for you, if that’s the case.

See the full results below and be sure to cast your vote in our new February poll, now available on our blog site!

Were you surprised about the results? Do you have a favorite part of winter that wasn’t one of the possible answers? Let us know in the comments!