Competition season doesn’t end. We all know this. And, it’s no cakewalk for anyone involved–be that the parents, the coaches, the judges, and especially, the cheerleaders themselves! Coaching cheerleading means juggling a lot, and in the depths of competition season, things can get out of whack quick. Coaches traverse a tightrope for their teams, with their sanity swaying in the balance, in efforts to accomplish everything that needs to be done in a timely manner. From ordering, travel, finances, routines, scheduling, community events, practices, and everything in between, we wanted to know what is the most challenging part of coaching competitive cheer.

We asked in our January poll just that. Here’s what real competitive cheer coaches said:

  1. Winning by a landslide, at 37%, is the fact that competitive cheer coaches have to keep “thinking of new routines”. And, it’s not like the other teams didn’t JUST SEE YOU perform your routine at the last competition; unique cheerleading routines and motions are hard to come by, and even harder to protect. Stealing is a big issue in cheerleading, so for the coaches that put in the time and effort to think of creative new ways to present your team on the mat, we commend you!

  2. Coming in at second place, at 19%, is the fact that competitive cheerleading lands smack dab in the center of a coach’s life. Therefore, “juggling it with my job/family” is a common woe for most cheer coaches. It’s hard to divide your time in such a way that not all parties suffer: if you are spread too thin, you are not really present for anyone–let alone yourself and your loved ones! Make sure you take the time to cherish your relationships in the midst of any competition season, if you have to schedule time with others like you do your team practices.

  3. Voted in at third most challenging competitive cheerleading aspect is the fact that cheerleading isn’t cheap! Attending competitions means including a large travel and accommodation bill to any cheer coach’s budget. So, getting creative is key, and that’s probably why 18% of cheer coaches voted “fundraising to keep the team afloat”.

  4. With all the ups come the downs, and sometimes, a competition just doesn’t go your way in the slightest. 17% of voters know this all too well, and chose “dealing with a loss” as the hardest part of the job description. Don’t worry, you’ll get it next time!
  5. The least chosen answer was “traveling” at 9%. Traveling to some, especially the some that still needs to fundraise, can really cause a headache. And, that’s before you board a bus or plane alongside a team of young, nervous, excited, sugared-up athletes. But, traveling isn’t all that bad… especially if your destination is Disney World! 
See the full results of the poll below, and don’t forget to vote in our February poll that is now live on our blog homepage!  

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