A new year brings so much hope, excitement, and opportunity for change. It's a time to officially set your intentions for the next 365 days. You get to turn over a new leaf and make any changes, leaving behind the things you didn't like about the last year, bringing along what you did, and making room for whatever you want to accomplish in this one!

We wanted to know what goals you set for 2015, so our first poll of the new year asked what your New Year's resolution is. You voted, and the results are in!

Not surprisingly, the most popular resolution is to improve your cheer skills. That is a great goal to set, and we even have some ideas to help you as you work toward it. Our Cheerleading Blog University has more than 40 free guides about things like cheers and chants, jumps and stunts, choreography, and fitness. Consult those to help you become a better cheerleader!

Another popular resolution is to get stronger and healthier. Doing things like eating more fruits and vegetables and working up a sweat will make you feel and perform great this year, from the blue mat to the field and classroom.

A lot of you are trying to make the team this year. Get on the right track by preparing early and going in with confidence!

Some of you are going to focus on school this year. Keeping your grades up is a good mark to leave on 2015 and will definitely set you up for more good years to come.

See the full results below and don't forget to come back soon to vote in our February poll!
January poll results