The New Year is here and 2016 is already underway. Whether or not you have made major progress on your personal and professional goals is not as important as the fact that you made goals for yourself in the first place… well, not at this point in the year, at least! Hopefully, you utilized January’s organizational vibe to clean out the clutter in your life and notice what might need improvement. In the world of cheerleading, this time of year is always a busy one and here are the top five news items that are on every cheerleaders mind this month.

  • With competition season coming to its peak, it’s hard for a competitive cheerleader to juggle other responsibilities while on such a tight schedule. The second school semester is starting up, and most competitive cheerleaders are not only committed to competitions, but the sidelines as well! Luckily, there’s a way to juggle both sideline and competitive cheerleading without sacrificing either activity.

  • What most cheerleaders don’t know about January is that it sets up not only the next calendar year, but their next cheerleading season as well. If you use the New Year to your advantage, you will be way ahead of the game when it comes to tryouts, fitness, and more! Just follow these steps to find out why January is the secret to a successful next season. Don’t worry, you’ll thank us later.

  • You can sabotage your competition score off the mat, too! There are certain rules to follow when you arrive and walk around competitions. First-year cheerleaders may not know exactly how to act yet, but even the most experienced cheerleader can still make their team look bad with these four things you never want to do at a competition.

  • Practice makes perfect! When you’re going full out day after day for those competitions on the horizon, your practice time might begin to drag longer and longer in order for your team to get your routine locked down and airtight. For coaches, it may seem like there’s just not enough hours in the day to hammer out all the little hiccups that you see during those long cheer practices. Find out the three ways to maximize practice time in order to avoid wasting more hours on minor details and get your squad in the best shape for competitions the fastest.

  • New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep–there are just so many tempting things to knock you off track! Before you doubt your goal-following ability and get too discouraged about your willpower, you need to realize that everybody goes through this battle. Not only that, but there are seven distinct stages of keeping New Year’s resolutions, and you may just be stuck in the middle! We broke down what to expect from start to finish (in GIFs) when it comes to making, breaking, following, and achieving all of your 2016 goals.

What cheer news did you talk about this month? We want to know! Share your stories in the comments below.