If you know anything about college cheerleading, then you're probably familiar with the Oregon Ducks cheer squad. Even on the sidelines, the squad is performing advanced stunts and tumbling in support of their impressive and frequent-winning football team. Over the weekend, the cheer squad made the news for its cheer accessories, as opposed to its moves. For an away football game against Washington, several cheerleaders shared images of their newest accessory: special colored contact lens in shades of yellow and green (like their team colors).

While we don't know if wearing the lens were required to be worn by every team member, we have to wonder if such an accessory could also be a safety hazard? For those who aren't used to wearing contact lens, the transition may be difficult and could cause a distraction when the focus should be on timing and stunts. Also, what about possible irritation or blurred vision?

We agree with many news sources that say these lens should have been saved for Halloween parties instead. But we want to know what you think: is this a hazard or a harmless, spirited accessory?

Here's the image from the team's Twitter account:

Twitter Image
News Source: USA Today