Incorporating Pink Items into Pep Rallies

by omni

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and everyone wears pink to bring awareness the disease that has touched so many of us! A cancer diagnoses is devastating, but due to early detection screenings, the mortality rate of cancers has gone down over recent years. What better way to support those affected by breast cancer than by wearing pink items and rocking pink cheer gear? 1. Poms. All of these poms are available in-stock, and ready to ship to you today! The streamer size is ” width and 6 ” length, with a baton handle and approximately 1,400 streamers. The Crystal Holographic Pom. The crystal holographic pom is my FAVORITE pom we offer. This pom sparkles and shines just right. The colors are so vibrant that you will want to rock these poms all year long! If you looking for poms like the pro’s this is the pom you are looking for. Many NFL teams use similar poms during the October months. The 2-Color Holographic Pom. This pom is also similar to the poms used by NFL teams during the month of October‚ with just the right amount of pink and sparkle! If you want pink poms, but you also want something you might be able to use all year, these are the poms for you. The Pink Plastic Pom. You cannot go wrong with the one-color plastic pom! These are the original and classic style poms. When you can order a set of poms under $13 dollars, how can you go wrong? Whether you use these poms all year long or just for the month of October, these poms never go out of style and are made to last. 2. BOWS! BOWS! BOWS! We all love our cheer bows. Chasse offers an amazing variety and selection of bows. Most of our bows have a pink color option, so you will be able to find the perfect bow for your team. The Chasse Cheer for the Cause Hope Hair Bow. Brand new this year, we have our Cheer for the Cause Hope Hair Bow: everyone will know you have hope for a cure with this jumbo 7 “x7 ” hair bow that comes with an elastic hair tie and pink rhinestones. This bow is adorable, and one you will want to wear year after year. The Chasse Cheer for the Cause Performance Hair Bow. This is another one of my favorite items! It is cute in the picture, but is so much cuter in person. This bow is JUMBO at 8 ” x 7 “, with white glitter ribbon print on bright pink ribbon. No clips here‚ there is an elastic hair tie to keep this bow in place! It is a perfect ribbon to show your support for a great cause. The Pink Bow. If you are looking for something simple and straightforward, then this is the bow for you! At under $3, this is the perfect add-on to any order. It is a sweet light pink bow with overlay ribbon in white and light pink awareness ribbons. This ribbon is perfect for teams, young and old. 3. Socks: You have your bows, now what about those toes?! Omni Cheer offers excellent knee-high breast cancer awareness socks. Socks are a great way to complete the bow-to-toe look! These socks are great, thick and incredibly comfortable! You will not only have warm toes as the season transitions into fall, but you will be showing your support for a great cause! 4. Bags: We’ve got your back! Rally your school behind pink-out pep rallies by showing up with pink backpacks or duffle bags, filled with pink bracelets or candy to throw at the crowds! The Nfinity Sparkle Think Pink Backpack. We all love Nfinity! Why not show your support and have a really cool bag that you will love at the same time?! This bag is black glitter with the Nfinity logo and “Think Pink ” embroidered on it. The bags come with four large pockets that can easily fit all your cheer needs! The Chasse Glitter Duffle and Backpack. If you are interested in supporting the cause, but want something you can use year-round, the Chasse Glitter Backpack or Duffle is the way to go! Not only are these bags glitter-tastic, they are practical and super cute! The best part of these bags is that you can customize them by adding names or customized embroidery. Practice wear: Dress rehearsals for pep rallies can support the cause, or perhaps make pink practice wear the theme! The Chasse Combo Bra Tank. Show your support by wearing something pink at practice! This Chasse combo bra and tank is a must-have for conditioning practice, and something you should even bring it to camp next summer! Why buy both a sports bra and a tank when you can get all in one? The best part is, this shirt can be customized by adding a screen print or embroidery design. The Chasse C-Prime Sports Bra. This sports bra is so incredibly comfortable. Our patent C-dri technology means the fabric is breathable, keeping you cool and dry during any workout. It’s comes in pink and is also customizable! Show your support for a great cause, while in a comfortable sports bra you can wear year-round! GK Elite Formation Tank. GK Elite has an awesome brand new fitted tank top! This top really does make a statement with the keyhole and racerback design. The shirt comes in five different metallic color options, and the metallic pink is the perfect option for showing your support. You can even customize the look by adding an embroidered design! Soffe Knit Short. You cannot mess with classics; Soffe shorts are a must-have for any cheerleader. You probably already own two pairs in various colors. The best thing about Soffe shorts is that they never go out of style, so why not buy a few more? We offer two pink color options: baby pink and fuchsia (pictured)! Chasse Dynamic Short. If you like the Soffe look, but want something a little more fitted, the Chasse Dynamic shorts are where it is at! These shorts are also 100% cotton with the same elastic waistband as Soffe, yet with a more flattering look. GK Elite Odyssey Short. If you are looking for a more performance-oriented type of short, GK Elite’s Odyssey Short is perfect to show your support and spirit! These shorts are a mix of poly and spandex material, so you know they are will stretch and move with you at practice. The short comes in five color options, and the metallic pink color is perfect for showing your support. Don’t worry about the jewel design coming off after a wash‚ these jewels are going to sparkle and last! What are other ways cheer teams can incorporate pink items into pep rallies? Show us your pink pep rally photos in a comment!

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