Tryout season can be one of the most stressful times of the cheer seasonfor coaches, cheerleaders and parents! This season, we recruited 2 cheerleader hopefuls and their parents to record their tryout experience and share their tips with our readers! We followed a high school cheerleader hopeful and an All Star cheerleader hopeful (and their parents) through the process.

Here's what the All Star hopefuls had to say about tryouts:

All Star

Cheerleader's Point of View
Q. How many people were at tryouts, and how many spots were open?

A. There were about 60 kids at tryouts, but I'm not sure how many spots were open.

Q. What was the schedule for tryouts?

A. We had tryouts for 2 hours a day for 3 days.

Q. What did you wear?

A. I wore a sports bra with Lycra shorts each day.

Q. Were the other girls and the coach nice?

A. Yes!

Q. What was expected of you at tryouts? (How much choreography did you have to learn, and how much time did they give you? How many cheers did you have to learn?)

A. A lot of tumbling, plus using jumps as an entry into a back handspring. I learned a dance too, but it was a short one.

Q. Did the competition seem prepared? Were you intimidated by any of them?

A. Yes, everyone seemed prepared. I wasn't intimidated because I knew I had worked hard to prepare so I was confident!

Q. Did past team members have to tryout too? Did you notice any favoritism?

A. Everyone that wanted to be on the team had to try out, even if they were on the team before. I didn't notice any favoritismit seemed like the judges were very fair.

Q. What was something that took you by surprise? Was it what you expected it to be?

A. My layout! It was the first time that I did one for performance!

Q. What experience with dance/tumbling/cheer did you have before tryouts, and how did the experience, or lack of, effect your tryout?

A. I have been cheering with All Star teams since I was 2 years old, so that definitely helped my confidence! I already had my back handspring, I was pretty sure I could nail the layout, and I think that helped get me some points with the judges. I also have some dance experience so it was easy for me to catch the right rhythm and learn new steps.

Q. What was the best and worst part of tryouts?

A. I really enjoyed all the tumbling that we did, but I didn't like the jumps as much.

Q. How did you feel after tryouts?

A. I felt really good about my try outs, and left feeling like I was going to meet my goal of making it onto the level 3 team!

Parent's Point of View

Q. What kind of materials/information did the school give you before/during try outs?

A. We received an initial tryout packet, but that was it.

Q. Were you allowed to attend?

A. Yes, parents were able to attend and view the try outs from an upstairs viewing area.

Q. Were there other parents around? What were they like?

A. The parents were all very nice and shared what they know about the program. There was a lot of positivity from the parentsand no drama!

Q. Did you get an estimate up front of the cost for the season?

A. Yes, the initial packet we got included information about costs.

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