If you’ve been to cheer camp before, you know camp is tons of fun, but lots of hard work! If this is your first year attending camp, you probably aren’t quite sure what to expect. Maybe you’ve heard crazy camp stories and aren’t sure what’s in store for you.

Well, the great thing about cheer camp is that you’ll get a lot of everything. Camp is lots of fun, lots of sweat, lots of cheers and chants to remember, etc. It’s a lot of great things rushing at you, but luckily most camps only last a week or less. A couple days of nothing but cheer is an absolute blast! It can get exhausting at times though—physically, mentally, and emotionally. You are cramming weeks of team bonding, choreography, stunt work, cheers, conditioning, and more into just a few days!

So basically cheer camp is every cheerleaders’ dream come true—days dedicated to nothing but cheer—but even for the most cheer-obsessed among us, it’s a lot to handle without getting exhausted or burnt out. That’s why we made this handy chart to tell you how to survive camp! Post it, pin it, print it, save it to your phone, and pack it for camp so you will have it when you need it!

The secrets to surviving cheer camp are all about how you eat, whether you get enough rest, what you pack, how you use your support system, and, of course, whether you stay hydrated! Be smart and come prepared, then be sure not to let yourself get caught up in the moment and forget your survival tips.

Follow these tips and you’ll survive and thrive at cheer camp!

Have you been to cheer camp before? What are your survival tips for first timers? Let us know in the comments!