Ordering can be stressful! It’s that time of year again, too: you’ve just held tryouts, cheer retailers are broadcasting their latest line of cheer gear, and you have to start rounding up team sizing information and inventory to order everything for next season. Sure, you could wait over summer to handle it in the fall… but, that leads to backorders, long processing wait times, and the possibility of not having your cheer gear when you need it! There’s nothing worse than missing a deadline, and cheer gear is of no exception. Therefore, be prepared throughout the whole process of ordering for your next season with these helpful articles:

  • Alright, cheerleading is expensive–but it doesn’t have to be! There are inexpensive, yet quality retailers out there who offer in-stock items, but you can save even more than that! Once you choose your go-to cheer retailer for your team, there’s a secret to ordering that can severely cut down the cost–bulk ordering! It’s tempting to order gear when you need it, so we’ve helped sculpt a game plan for you to break that nasty habit. So, stop paying so much in cheer gear, and start ordering in bulk!

  • There’s a growing trend out there that is making cheer teams dazzle on both the sidelines and the mat. You’ve guessed it–sublimation! Sublimated items range from uniforms to practice wear, from performance fabric to double knit, with more and more designs added every year. Because of this, we know that sublimation isn’t going anywhere soon, so you might as well hop onboard with the heat-infused craze! Where do you even start, you ask? We expose 4 Secrets of Ordering Sublimation Items.

  • You have the team sizes collected, the budget afforded, and now you it’s time to order. You understand ordering in bulk is the best bet for your budget, so you start to add miscellaneous items into your cart. Wait–you’re offered the ability to create your own poms? What’s the difference between in-stock poms and custom poms, and does it truly affect your team’s performance and look? Poms are easily the most striking accessory a cheerleader has to use at their disposal, so visually appealing poms are essential! Here’s how to Make an Informed Decision Between In-Stock or Custom Poms.

  • Your cart is full, your pre-order checklist marked off, and now it’s time to place your order. You’ve made solid choices when it comes to in-stock versus custom options, which uniform fabrics are best for your team, and you’ve looked at all the package deals. You can’t POSSIBLY be doing anything wrong, right? Before you start punching in your payment information, have you checked how long your items will take to get to you? Did you know that certain items take longer than others? Don’t suffer through an unexpectedly long wait; learn Why Shipping and Processing Time Should Matter to Cheer Coaches.

  • Did you know that ordering during certain times throughout the year is more advantageous for your team than other times? It’s true. Therefore, knowing when the busy season starts and ends is really helpful! It’s all in the timing, so find out the best and worst times to order your cheer gear.

What else should coaches know about ordering? What helps you when you place an order for your team? Let us know your experience in the comments!