How to Respond to Common Cheer Insults

by omni

There’s a saying that cheerleaders are the only athletes that have to fight for gold while they fight their stereotype. It is true that cheerleaders have to deal with a lot of negativity that other athletes don’t, but we think that cheerleaders usually just ignore the nonsense and focus on doing what they love and surrounding themselves with people who support them. Sometimes though, you just have to respond‚ politely, of course. Here are responses to a few common cheerleading insults you might hear: Cheerleading isn’t a sport. Well, not yet. It is becoming one in more and more places, but regardless, not being considered an official sport everywhere doesn’t take away from what we do. We are just doing what we love, no matter how you categorize it. Cheerleaders aren’t athletes. This is almost too laughable to merit a response. Chasse recently launched a video series where real cheerleaders, including Maddie Gardner, are interviewed about what really goes into being a successful cheerleader. The videos are inspiring for cheerleaders, and hopefully eye-opening for anyone who doesn’t understand what we actually do! You couldn’t do what we do. That is probably true, simply because we haven’t trained for it. If we practiced, we could do it. However, we practice tumbling, stunting, and cheering because that’s what we like. It’s tempting to stoop to their level and tell them they couldn’t do what we do, but we will take the high road and just leave these here:(Source: Cheerleaders are ditzy. Just like athletes in every other sport, there is no single type of cheerleader. One organization that’s breaking this stereotype is Science Cheerleader. But, even those of us who aren’t particularly interested in science are not un-intelligent. For one thing, memorizing chants and routines and performing difficult tumbling skills takes guts, athleticism, and especially brains. Even if a cheerleader is interested in fashion and so-called “girly ” things, she or he can be smart. Remember Elle Woods, anyone?(Source: Cheerleaders are snobs. A lot of the cheerleaders we see on TV and in movies are portrayed as popular, snobby, mean girls. In real life, cheerleaders spend a lot of time giving back to their school and community and encouraging their school’s sports teams. Even competitive squads who don’t cheer on the sidelines cheer on their teammates and even athletes from other teams. Spend some time with cheerleaders, and you’ll soon find out that they’re accepting, kind, spirited, and fun! It’s a cheer thing!(Source: Giphy) The most important thing is to respond with class. It might be difficult in the moment, but you’ll always feel better in the long run if you take the high road. Don’t let haters get you down! Do you have to deal with a lot of negativity for being a cheerleader? How do you respond?

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