It’s the end of the year, making it the perfect time to celebrate! Whether you just finished your fall semester, or fourth quarter deadlines at the office, you deserve to cut loose a little from all the hard work you’ve put in over the recent months. And, what better way to have an excellent time than to partake in holiday festivities? The holiday spirit is hard to outrun, so might as well indulge in yummy food, fun times, and great friendships! This time of year can get a little stressful and hectic, so here are some ideas on how to wrap holiday cheer into a busy schedule.

1. Attend a holiday parade. As a cheer enthusiast, chances are you’ve already participated in, or have been invited to at least one community parade over the recent holiday season. But, if you haven’t had time to enjoy one and your town has a parade left on the calendar, join your neighbors to light up the night with fun floats and performances! Everyone loves a parade, and it only lasts about an hour or two on a weekend morning or evening. No excuses!

2. Look the part.
Even if you are too busy with work or your personal life to attend an official holiday event, you can still be festive in your outerwear! Wear a Santa hat, a holiday tie, red or green leggings, or anything else that fits the season. If you seriously don’t own any holiday winter wear–don’t despair! Get into the holiday spirit by coordinating a red and green outfit, or by adding Christmas tree or snowman designs to your manicure!

3. Give back to your support system. If your office or cheer team is hosting a gift exchange, you don’t even have to go out of your way to get into the holidays. Participating also let’s your teammates or your co-workers know that you care! ‘Tis the giving season, so make sure that you give back to the people closest to you in a holly, jolly way.

4. Throw an impromptu get-together.
Have nothing on the horizon to look forward to? Arrange an informal, yet festive soirée at your place, or at a local business! You can invite your nearest and dearest, or acquaintances you rarely see; no matter who attends, the point is that you brought people together for the sake of the holiday season. This doesn’t even have to cost a lot, either! You can find cheap Christmas décor at 99 Cents Stores or in the bargain section of grocery stores. Cut up some veggies, make a cheese dip, and grab a bag of chocolates for appetizers at your house, or head to a local café you've been too busy to try!

5. Decorate your home.
Okay, so there are a lot of introverts out there that don’t necessarily like to step outside of their comfort zone–busy ones that don't have the time, anyway! But, there are options for you, too! If you don’t want to draw attention from strangers wearing holiday garb around town, decorate your place with holiday wreaths, signs, or plush toys to make your arrival home from school or work all the more special at the end of every day. You can splurge and get a tree (especially if you’re hosting your family for Christmas), or place a couple small poinsettias around your room or apartment. Don’t forget to wrap the gifts you got for others, and place them prominently in your home to remind you what time of year it is as you run from commitment to commitment!

What are other ways to wrap holiday festivities into a busy schedule? Let us know in the comments!