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An Organized and Prepared Leader Can Help Your Team Achieve At Camp

Camp is an important place for cheerleading squads to bond, build trust, learn in a safe environment, improve their skills and prepare for competitions. It is also an invaluable place for coaches to gather materials, information and tips that will help them train and lead their squad.

Now that you have decided that your team should kick off cheerleading season with camp, how do you choose the right one and prepare your team for the experience?

Considerations When Choosing A Camp
  • Camp Type: Should your squad travel for overnight camp, attend a commuter camp or should you have a local clinic (where you hire an instructor to work with your team at a local facility)?

  • Budget: Make sure that you choose a camp that every member of your squad will be able to afford either through general team fees or fundraising activities.

  • Location and Dates: Plan in advance to make sure camp doesn't interfere with your season's schedule and that there is plenty of time for your squad to raise funds. If you choose a camp that requires travel, you need to distribute the dates to your team well in advance.

  • Goals: Decide what is most important for your squad to focus on this season. Do you have a new squad that needs to learn the basics, or an advanced squad that wants to take its stunts to the next level?

  • Squad Type: Do your research and make sure that you choose a cheer camp that reflects your team's skill level and competitive experience. Don't forget to check for co-ed approved camps if you have a co-ed team. Each camp should offer plenty of materials that detail the curriculum and restrictions, and you should contact the camp organizers if you have any questions.

Once you have found the right camp for your team, don't wait to register! Camps can fill up fast and you won't want your team to miss all the fun!

Preparing Your Squad For Camp

  • Working Out: Camp is all about physical activity! Get your squad into a regular routine of stretching and working out before camp so that their muscles will be able to keep up with the schedule without soreness.

  • Teamwork: Prepare your squad to intensify the way that they work together as a team by initiating bonding activities and events before and during camp. Visit the blog every Wednesday in July for team bonding tips!

  • Competition: Camp environments are filled with team pride, spirit and competition! Many camps even hold a performance and awards ceremony on the last day. Build your team's spirit before camp, and make sure you have some activities in place to keep their spirits high!

Cheer camp is intense and can push your team hard, but it is also an opportunity to have fun! Keep the stress out and the fun in by choosing the right camp, preparing your team and being there for your squad to offer support and encouragement through the entire experience.