We all have bad days, and it’s hard to keep a level head when you’re just not up for it. Sometimes, cheerleaders have to perk up and perform–no matter how they feel–for the sake of their team, their school, and their community. It’s all about getting the job done with a smile! However, there are other times when you, as a cheerleader, have to swallow your cheer pride a little to not rain on someone’s parade. Whether you’re trying to stay cool when your coach gives props to another teammate for stuff that you do too, or it’s another school’s big event at your Friday night away game, cheerleaders have to remain positive and poised. So, if you feel that you’re gradually slipping into a sour mood, here are some tricks you can play in your mind to not rain on someone’s parade.

1. Find your happy place.
This sounds obvious (and even a little silly), but it helps to mentally remove yourself from a tense situation for a moment to think about other things. Clear your head. By doing so, your emotions have time to subside while you get a more calm state of mind. Silently counting backwards from ten and taking deep breaths will also help you keep your cool when you want to speak up or take action. What you need to realize is that taking the high road usually means you have to leave your comments at the door.

2. Stay out of the spotlight.
If the home team is having a ceremonious night or a special school event, it’s not your place–as visiting cheerleaders–to take attention away from that school. Or, perhaps you’re at a competition and didn’t win; let the winning team get all the glory!! By standing out during these times, you not only ruin the good times of others, but also stand out as a sore loser or a snob. Cheerleaders are better than that, so it’s best to remember your role for the greater good of your team. And, you’d better believe that you’ll get an earful from your coach if you try to pull a stunt instead of turning the other cheek when these situations arise–pun intended.

3. Make an effort to smile more.
By reminding yourself to put a smile on your face, you will actually catch yourself when your smile starts to fade… or leave altogether. Scowling on sidelines never looks becoming of a team, and anticipation of cheer competitions can make you look PO’d on the mat versus stoked to be there–and nobody likes an angry cheerleader! Buck up, let go of any animosity you might be holding on to, and start flashing those pearly whites more! Smiling is contagious, and it’s your job to spread it around. Plus, people will notice that you’re upbeat when others are being recognized, which ultimately shows good sportsmanship.

How else can cheerleaders keep from raining on others’ parades? What tricks do you do to keep you in a good mood? Tell us in the comments!