As the year wraps up, spend some time revisiting some of 2011's hottest cheerleading topics, controversies and, of course, inspirations.

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Cheerleaders M.I.A. at 2011 Superbowl
With the 2011 Super Bowl marking the first year in which neither of the competing teams supplied their own cheerleaders, it seems league officials and fans may be pushing for the game's focus to transition away from the sidelines and back onto the field. Will this become permanent?

Is 1st Worth the Cost?
Are cheerleading competitions causing tension at your school? One school's cheerleading squad faces what they believe are devastating consequences for their decision to skip some games to practice for competitions: the introduction of a separate team, the Spirit Squad, to take their place at games.

HBO Spotlights the World of Mini-Cheerleading
A hybrid between pageant queens and Olympic athletes, these little tykes teach the rest of the world what it's like to be tough competitors at an early age "“ but did this HBO feature only air the sensationalized side?

Camp Offers Inspiration To Kids With Prosthetic Limbs
Check out the video news coverage of Camp Joy, which teaches children with prosthetic limbs new athletic skills and how to compete against one another in sports and other activities.

The Future of Cheerleading is Now
Are the of Oregon Ducks, and other teams moving away from "˜cheerleading' and adapting an Acrobatics and Gymnastics attitude, the future of cheerleading? Watch the video that demonstrates their new look, attitude and undeniable skill and decide for yourself.

Is Athletic Safety a Priority?
Read about how one school announces their plans for a concussion-management program, and allowed all athletes, even those involved in what are described as "˜non-contact sports' such as cheerleading activities, to be eligible.

Are Rising Fees Dooming School Activities?
How are schools handling activity budgets and fees? Read about one district's continuing struggle to lower the costs for students to participate in school activities.