Cheerleader Reunites with Military Mom at Competition (VIDEO)

by omni

Home for the holidays! 8-year-old Reina Thompson will certainly remember this cheerleading competition moment forever. While performing with her cheer squad at the Orange Bowl Youth Football Alliance Cheer and Dance Competitions at the Of Miami in Florida, Reina received the greatest reward of all: a surprise visit from her mother, Towana, an Alabama National Guard Sgt. who has been deployed in Guantanamo Bay for almost a year, since January. The last time she saw her daughter (and other child – a 4-year-old son) was three months ago for a brief visit. Towana, dressed in her fatigues and armed with a bouquet of flowers, surprised Reina and was able to watch her perform. Reina’s cheer coaches helped plan the special reunion. One of the coaches, Felicia Tucker, told 7 News Miami, “She missed her mom all the time, and she works so hard at practice, so whenever she gets the chance to see her mom, this is what’s the outcome.” Watch the video below to see the happy moment: News Source: 7 News Miami

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