BAH-HUMBLEBRAG! Wow, what an amazing year it has been! Cheerleading Blog has seen so much growth "“ thanks to all of you! "“ and successfully launched new resources for the industry.

Please pardon our bragging, but here's an overview of the exciting year that was 2013.

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow....

43% growth in overall visits, 2012 over 2013
52% growth in average daily visits
135% growth in total articles published

Been There, Done That!

This year we launched a magazine called CheerLiving®, and a webseries based on the magazine. The magazine released two issues in 2013, and has four planned for 2014! The webseries, produced by Cheer Channel, Inc., has released 6 episodes and had over 200,000 views!

Trusted Content Provider
We became a content provider for two of the industry's most-trusted news sources, Cheer News Network and Cheer Channel, Inc.

Our continued to expand its topics and resources this year, with an additional 13 eBooks now available, for free! Our complete library now totals almost 40 guides. Keep an eye out for even more free cheerleading resources to be released next year. Over 5,000 guides have been downloaded, with the most popular one being our Complete Guide To Tumbling For Cheerleading.

Information Station
We've been collecting great information about the state of cheerleading through your letters, poll responses and comments on posts. A lot of that information was used to created fun infographs about cheerleading. Be sure to check our homepage each month in 2014 for a new chance to raise your voice in our polls!

The Year Ahead's top secret! The blog will be getting a new look soon! We've added so much content to our site in the last few years, and we decided that we wanted to reorganize our articles to help our readers find the most exciting and seasonal information faster. We can't wait to launch, and we hope you love it!

That's not all! We'll be added several guest bloggers to our staff, helping us provide expert information for all areas of cheer.

Last But Not Least...
A big, cheerful THANK YOU to all of our readers, supports and fans. Keep giving us your feedback, commenting on our articles and participating in our giveaways!