Omni Cheer is your one-stop shop for holiday gifts on a budget! Here are the top five gift ideas for the cheerleader in your life:

1. Hair bows:
  What is a cheerleader without her bow? That is like Super Girl without her cape, or Wonder Woman without her Lasso of Truth–it just does not work. Omni Cheer has bows ranging in size from basic to jumbo, as well as bows in several color combinations. You can pick and choose bows that are metallic, rhinestone-studded, plain, sequin, or glitter. Omni Cheer also offers style combinations such as chevron, ombre, crystal, disco ball, tinsel, and many more! Without a doubt, you will be able to find the perfect bow for every cheerleader on your list!

2. Socks: Omni Cheer offers the BEST socks! These are not your average everyday socks, and I personally own practically every sock style because they are great. Omni Cheer socks are thicker in material, and have padded toe and heel sections. The socks are incredibly comfortable, last a long time, and are irresistibly cute. Omni Cheer has several styles, from knee high to mid-profile to low-profile lengths. Most socks are available in over 10 different color combinations to match your team colors, favorite colors, or school colors. My personal favorite is the Chassé® Knee-High Bow Sock: a brand-new style added in 2016, and has 15 different color options. As a flip-flop wearing San Diego native, socks are not high on my priority list, so if I am going to wear socks, they better be cute and comfortable–and these socks are the perfect mix of both! I receive compliments on my knee-highs every time I wear them at the gym.

3. Knit shorts: You cannot forget about those knit shorts! These shorts are a must-have for cheerleaders, especially the classic Soffe® pair. With 18 different in-stock and ready-to-ship color options, you can order one in every color! Omni Cheer offers knit shorts at the lowest prices, so there is no need to shop around. Add these shorts to your cart, and your cheerleader will not be disappointed–and neither will your wallet!

4. Practice tees:  Cheerleaders spend most of their days practicing in the gym, so why not stock up on some new practice wear? Omni Cheer offers a wide variety of practice tees for every cheerleader on your list. Browse to find your favorite graphic tee, like the Toe to Bow Glitter Tee, or you can go with a more fitted Chassé Performance® C-Fit Tank! Omni Cheer offers every style, from fitted to flowy, from game day to combination bra tanks. Whatever your style, there’s a perfect tee or tank for your cheerleader. All the tees are available in-stock, and can be easily customized to add a personal touch!

5. Bags: Omni Cheer offers a great selection of bags. There are duffles, totes, backpacks, and even fashion bags, and several of the bags have up the eight different color combinations. There are even glitter bags! The best part is that these bags are price-pointed at under $25! You are not going to find deals like that anywhere else. All bags range in size, from the large Chassé Weekender Backpack that can carry all your cheerleader’s needs, all the way down to the petite Chassé Glitter Makeup Bag. The glitter bags are hot items this year, and it not difficult to see why: they are great, durable bags with fun glitter options that allow your cheerleader to sparkle all year long!

Need stocking stuffers? Omni Cheer offers some exceptional stocking stuffer options, as well!

1. Glitter:
 Omni Cheer offers a wide range of Glitterbug™ products. Between cosmetic glitter dust, jewel stones, and glitter stars, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of perfect stocking stuffers for your cheerleader. Be sure to get your cheerleader’s team colors or favorite colors (or both!), with every item priced less than $5.00. Why not get one in every color??

2. The Chassé Bow Pro®:
 This handy-dandy product is perfect for the cheerleader who has a million bows, but has no way to display or organize them. This glitter fabric bow organizer that comes in seven color options is the BEST! The Chassé Bow Pro is cute, works like a charm, and if your cheerleader cannot ever seem to find their bow for a game or practice, this is the perfect gift for them. You can keep up to 10 bows on display! If you have more than 10 bows, don’t worry: you can buy a second one to match. The Bow Pro is priced under $6.00, so get as many as you need without breaking your bank!

3. Keychains:
I know I have talked about this before in previous blogs, but I LOVE these keychains! The mini-bow keychains come in every style and color that we offer in our bows. Priced at less than $4.00, you can buy one for every cheerleader on your list! I have one in my car, one on my keys, and even have some on my Christmas tree! You will not be disappointed in the quality of these keychains. 

What are you waiting for? Add these items to your cart, since you have some shopping to do!