Once upon a time, in a hometown full of wafting scents and hungry bellies…


The Fried Chicken Cheer was created. Almost completely by accident.


It all began in a small home in Kentucky. The year is 1948, in a neighborhood small enough to hear a mouse running around in the house next door. A woman, who we will call Mrs. Watson, has just won the town’s annual contest for the tastiest fried chicken in town. The town chanted and cheered for her famous fried chicken, which she had generously cooked enough of for everybody. This was her fifth and final year being the champion of the annual competition—she was about to be a mother, practically about to pop. But she was a legend. Flash forward to:




A young boy, who we will call Thomas, had been going to the town’s top high school at the time, with a solid group of friends, starring on the football team and succeeding in his academics. As happens to many kids, his friends suddenly started to turn against him—he was no longer invited to any Friday night outings, he was snickered at during football practice and exiled at lunch. Thomas tried all he could to make amends and get along with his old friends, but he had little success. After his mother (Mrs. Watson, I’m sure you gathered) heard of his troubles, she decided it would be best if he transferred schools—he was only a freshman, after all. There would be plenty of opportunities to make new friends on another campus.


Of course, this did not come without backlash from his peers. Being that it was a small town, the boys still did their best at ridiculing him for backing out of their school. Thomas did a great job at ignoring it, and the boys weren’t satisfied with their efforts. More drastic measures had to be taken.


One evening several months later, Mrs. Watson was cooking up a batch of her famous fried chicken. The growing boys could smell it from miles away. They saw this as a perfect opportunity to not only take another stab at their old friend Thomas, but a way to get a healthy portion of the best fried chicken in town, something they used to enjoy weekly. They didn’t realize how much they would miss that chicken when Thomas was no longer in their friend circle.


So, the boys made a ruckus outside of the Watson’s home. They made it seem as though there was a big fight going on that was turning violent, something that needed to be broken up. So far with everything going according to plan, the family all gathered outside to get a better look. During this time, the remaining boys came inside the back door to grab the tray of delicious, steaming chicken. By this point, the family was able to make out who exactly was in their yard in this fake fight, and Thomas ran inside just in time to catch the culprits.


The chicken was not saved. When the boys ran off, the trays flew out of their hands had been dumped out all over the grass.


However, the boys were caught in the act, and Mrs. Watson had been hit where it hurt. Nobody steals her chicken.


“You want fried chicken?! I’ll show you fried chicken!”


Mrs. Watson began pegging the boys with the now inedible fried chicken, taking them out one by one. The family joined in, chanting “we want fried chicken!” Needless to say, the group never messed with her son again. They did however, endure a lifetime without the famous fried chicken dish.


This story circulated between every family in the town within the week. Eventually, the story had reached almost everyone in the United States. Ever since the incident, the chant was adopted into the football games between these two rivalry schools. If at any point the other team felt threatened, the words “WE WANT FRIED CHICKEN!” could be heard from any place in the stadium. The bands joined in. The cheerleaders joined in. If you knew, you knew. If you didn’t…you went with it.


We relate…fried chicken can make you do crazy things.

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