This story is a prime example of when school and cheerleading responsibilities conflict. It's also a great example of a cheerleader making the right decision to put school before cheer. While we do believe cheerleading practice, events, or any other responsibilities should be taken lightly, we do believe that school should always be a cheerleader's focus, especially in high school. But rather than listen to us get on our soapbox, here's the story:

Ally Batista is a senior and a cheerleader at Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville, Texas. She's a proud cheerleader but also puts her academics first. She has big dreams already in plan - she wants to attend the prestigious Purdue and double major in international business and computer science. Since she's planning on applying for early admission, to increase her chances of acceptance, she must take the SAT before a certain time. Her chance is an upcoming Saturday - the same day as a cheer event.

Her coach informed her that if she misses the cheer event, she will be suspended from the team for three weeks, regardless of the reasons why she must miss the event.

Why so harsh? Apparently, the team has a three-strike rule. If you miss three practices and/or events, you're suspended. Ally already had two strikes. One was when she was a lead in a school play. While the play was after all cheer events, she had to miss one cheer practice for a performance. The other time was when she attended a sporting event to support her boyfriend. Ally and her mother went to the school administrators to argue that only one of those (the latter) should count as a strike and taking the SATs should certainly not count as a strike.

Unfortunately, the school is supporting the coach's decision. Ally will be suspended for three weeks and will miss one of the big school football games. Not only can she not cheer with her team, she cannot even attend any of the games. Sadly for Ally, this has left a bad taste in her mouth and she wonders if she should even return to the squad after her suspension.

The school remains firm with their decision and the school board even released a statement saying that all cheerleaders are aware of consequences for missing a scheduled event, no matter what the reason.

Whose side are you on in this situation? Should Ally have been suspended since it was her third strike? Or should SATs and other important school tests be excluded from the three-strike rule?

Watch the video of the news coverage below:

News Source: KXAN