Want to get a head start on spring cleaning but don't know where to start? Want to refresh your closet so all of your clothing is freshly displayed? Can't find articles of clothing you're positive are hiding somewhere? Read our tried-and-true steps to a cleaner bedroom and closet.

The start of a new year or new season is a great time to organize your space, from your closet at home to your locker at school. Your closet is one of the largest spaces that can quickly get messy. You have your school clothes, your weekend clothes, your cheer clothes...the list keeps going. Not only does this contribute to a messy room, it also makes it more difficult for you to know what you have to wear. It takes you longer to find an outfit and you may spend money on items you already have hidden in a drawer.

Before the start of your next cheer season, take a few hours to clean out your closet. Follow our tips to make the process fun and easy.

  • Get some music going. Cleaning and organizing doesn't have to be boring. You can make it more exciting by playing some energetic music and dancing or singing along with it.

  • It gets messier before it gets cleaner. To really clean out your closet, you'll have to make an even bigger mess. Take out all of your clothing, accessories, and shoes in your closet and toss it on your bed or other open space. You need to start from square one.

  • Think strategically. It won't do you any good to re-hang and refold all of your items and put them back in your dresser and closet. Once you have everything out of your closet, choose the location for four different piles "“ one for cheer items, one for school clothing, one for everything else, and one for items you no longer need or wear.

  • Start from the top. Starting at the top of the pile, separate the items and categorize them accordingly in one of the four designated piles.

  • Do you really need it? You're not really cleaning out your closet if you're keeping everything. Put aside items you no longer wear or that no longer fit. If you're not sure, ask yourself these two questions: Have you worn it in the past 9 months? Will you wear it in the next 9 months? Put everything you no longer need into bags and donate it to a local charity, like the Salvation Army or the Goodwill.

  • Take inventory. Once everything is in its correct pile, write down what you have. You don't have to get specific; you can keep it general. For example, for your cheer clothes, write down how many you have of practice tops, practice bottoms, sports bras, bows, bags, and shoes. This will help you determine whether or not it's time to stock up on more cheer gear.

  • Don't forget the little things. They're easy to forget, but it's important to take note of your smaller items, like socks, body liners, etc. Toss out any socks with holes in them!

  • Designate space. Before you put everything back in your closet, decide where everything will go. Separate your cheer gear from your regular clothing by keeping them in separate drawers or hanging in a separate section of your closet. If you're feeling inspired, organize the rest of your clothing by categories "“ dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, tops, jackets, sweaters.

  • Store seasonal wear. If you live in a climate with four seasons, store your bulky winter coats once the season ends. To save room in your closet, you can store winter wear under your bed in plastic containers.

Once you've reorganized your closet, decorate and celebrate! Try to keep your closet clean and tidy throughout the season. It will make it easier for the next clean out.
Do you regularly clean your closet? How do you organize your cheer gear? Share below!