The summer is in full swing, and you’ve just gotten comfortable sleeping in and getting out of the house every day. You’re living the good life, with nice weather, amazing friends, and a million things to do and see. However, as much as you don’t want to acknowledge it, summer has an expiration date and it’s almost time to get ready for another school year. GROOOOOOOOOOOOAN. Say it isn’t so?!?

Despite your best efforts, the end of summer is looming on the horizon. There’s nothing you can do to stop it.

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No, that won’t work either. No matter which way you slice it, the time has come to gear up for school after a not-long-enough summer break. You might be thinking these things right around now...

Wait, I’m confused, how is school starting already?

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Like a time warp, you blinked and summer has run its course. How is this even possible? The school months drag on and on, going at a snail’s pace, yet summer months go lightning fast. This is simply against physics and you demand answers!

On the other hand, school wasn’t so bad last year…

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Thinking back, you actually realize that you had some fun with your friends and classmates in between your school assignments and exams. Some things last year were unforgettable, and maybe your next school year will bring lasting memories, too!

NOPE. I’m hanging on to summer forever.

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You’ve decided that you’re boycotting going back. Long live endless summer! You’ll get everyone you know behind the anti-school initiative, it’s going to be epic!!

But, rebelling will get boring, with all your friends busy being back in school…

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Maybe you shouldn’t rebel against school starting, not just because learning and finishing high school is important, but also think about how you’ll have nothing to do during the day when you’re the only one absent from the classroom. On top of that, you're starting to miss other things about school, like just sitting at a desk! Talk about a weird version of FOMO…

HOLD ON, back-to-school means shopping!

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You’ve been wanting new things and after a whole summer of window-shopping with your friends, your parents are finally offering to buy you a fresh new outfit for the first day of school. And, a backpack. And, supplies. And, more clothes for winter. OK, maybe you can jump on board with this whole ‘school’ thing after all.

Plus, a new school year means new friends and activities!

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Each school year brings opportunities of meeting new people, who can, in turn, become new friends! Or maybe the timing is right to tryout for a sport or join a club that you’ve always wanted to be a part of. This could just turn out be the best school year ever!

And, this year, you’re really going to shine.

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Summer gives you the time to transform yourself, and arrive on campus a person reinvented. Exuding confidence can do wonders for you with other students and make great first impressions on your teachers. Move over, last school year, this one is going to be the greatest year yet!

Does this sound all too familiar? Or do you have other thoughts running through your head about heading back to school? Share your story in the comments!