Fun Team Bonding Activities for the Ride Home

by omni

Bonding with your teammates is a great way to ensure a fun and successful season‚ after all, you can’t stunt well with someone you don’t know and trust! Getting to know each other isn’t just something you schedule during camp or the first few practices of the season either. You can work on it and keep getting closer all season long. In fact, the ride to and from games, competitions, and other cheer events is a great opportunity! Here are some bonding activities you can do in the bus or car: Two Truths and a Lie Lying to your teammates may not sound like the best way to bond, but this game is actually a fun (and funny) way to get to know each other. Go around your group from person to person with each teammate taking a turn to tell two truths and one lie about herself. The other people have to guess which one is the lie. You can say, for example, that you have been cheerleading for five years, you can say the alphabet backwards, and you have a hamster named Elvis. Now your teammates will see how well they know you by deciding which of those is not true. Telephone This classic game is simple and fun‚ and usually ends up being very entertaining. One person starts by whispering a phrase or sentence to the person next to her. That person then whispers what she thinks she heard to the person beside her, and so on throughout the group. The last person says what she heard out loud, and you can all see how much, if at all, the phrase changed as it got passed along. This works best in larger groups where the phrase has longer to travel and more opportunities to get jumbled. Celebrity For this game, rip up some strips of paper and pass a few out to each person. Write names of well-known people or characters on the pieces of paper, like Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence, Bugs Bunny, Maddie Gardner, even your coach‚ anyone all of you are likely to know of. Then fold the pieces of paper and put them in a hat, bowl, sweatshirt hood, whatever you have on hand. Now one person will draw a name out of the hat and try to get everyone else to guess who the person or character is without saying any part of the name. So, for Maddie Gardner, you could say “She debuted the ball-up 360 tick-tock ” or “She is the spokesmodel for Chasse. ” You can just do this for fun, or you can make a game out of it by dividing into two teams, setting a timer, and keeping track of which team gets the most right. One-word stories In this game, one person starts and says one word, then the person next to her adds another word, and so on, building a story with your words. For smaller groups, each person can say one sentence. As you go on, the stories will get pretty funny and crazy! What are your favorite bonding games for bus or car rides with your team?

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