Cheerleading jumps are a basic, but mandatory skill for all levels of cheerleadingfrom Pee Wee to All Star. Sideline and elite choreography feature jumps, and forget about trying out for a cheer squad if you can't do jumps!

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No matter what position you are on your cheer squad, you know the importance on having impeccable and technically correct jumps. Getting tight, high jumps takes a lot of practice and preparation, but the end result of a uniform cheerleading team that is on point during performances is worth it!

Working toward the goal of perfecting your cheer jumps is a little more complicated than just going to the gym and obsessively performing leg exercises. Having great jumps with perfect execution of leg extension and pointed toes is a sign of a true athlete that has spent a lot of time fine tuning their body with exercising, stretching and practice. Get tips for stretching, conditioning, core strengthening and jump entry along with other tips!

Beginner Jumps
The most basic jumps in cheerleading are great for helping cheerleaders practice their timing and their body position for more complicated moves. Don't be discouraged that these are just jumps for newbies. Even beginner jumps are extremely popular for hyping up crowds and requires a lot of power and technique! Read our step-by-step instructions, with visuals, for the straight jump, tuck jump and X jump.

Advanced Jumps
From behind the scenes at tryouts and practices, to in front of the cameras at national and worldwide competitions, chances are that your team will perform advanced jumps in synchronicity!

Advanced jumps are easier to perform if you have improved your flexibility, built great core strength and mastered your jump entry. Some advanced jumps may take a little bit longer to perfectbut all your effort will be worth it when you are hitting your jumps and stunning the crowd!

Read our step-by-step instructions, with visuals, for the toe touch, pike jump and around the world jump.

Expert Jumps
Cheerleading jumps will get more difficult as you get more experience and your team and coach begin to expect to contribute more advanced skills to the team. Advanced jumps require a lot of power, and are often even described as an explosion of spirit!

Advanced jumps are a sure way to show off your team's skill level and to get the crowd loud. These advanced jumps are a staple routine element seen at all levelsfrom sideline squad performances to All Star competitions! Read our step-by-step instructions, with visuals, for the herkie and hurdler jumps!

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