Your first year as a cheerleader is a memorable experience. But in the moment it can be intimidating and chaotic. By understanding your squad's expectations and knowing what you'll be doing all year, you can focus on the fun of cheering, rather than the stress.

Find out everything you need to know as a new cheerleader.

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Trying out for cheer can be scary! De-stress by knowing how to prepare and what to focus on so you can shine on stage and impress the coach. We give you tips from cheerleaders on what to do and what not to do.

Camp is one of the most exciting and intensive elements of cheer. Make the most of your time for a memorable experience! As fun as it is, make sure you know the differences between hard work and exhaustion.

Fundraising Events
Most squads fundraise throughout the year, but especially in the summer, to help cover program fees. Once you've made the squad, fundraising may be one of the first things you do as a team.

Games & Competitions
You've been preparing all summer for game performances and competition routines. Now, it's time to rock your first game or competition and cheer like a professional!

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