Whether you are looking to start a co-ed team at your school or you are joining a co-ed team, here is a review of some of the pros and cons that cheerleaders, coaches and parents might face.

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Pros and Cons
Check out these 5 pros and cons and get tips for planning and insight that will help you avoid and address the cons!

Tips for Co-ed Teams
Male cheerleaders and co-ed team members and leaders have to take into consideration various social and cultural costs and benefits. This section covers tips for male cheerleaders and their coaches, teammates and parents.

How do co-ed teams determine their fitness regimes and how what methods do they use to reach their goals? Consider these positives and negatives when planning fitness goals and needs for co-ed teams.

Uniforms and Gear
Running a coed cheerleading squad presents a new set of obstacles for team leaders to overcome. With a little planning, though, it shouldn't be hard to analyze your cheerleading team's needs and put together a detailed product list that will make ordering uniforms and gear for your cheer squad a breeze!

With the many benefits that come from co-ed teams in cheerleading, at times there may be some conflict. One issue that teams often seem to run into is dating drama among members. Here are some tips to keep in mind when dealing with dating drama as a coach or team member.

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