The competition to win a spot on a team with limited availability is an obstacle you face at cheerleading tryouts. When tryout day does finally come, you're going to have to trust your training and skills to get you through. In the mean time, use The Cheerleading Guide to Making The Squad guide to help you prepare mentally and physically and increase your chances of earning those pom poms!

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Paperwork and Other Requirements
Every school has their own standards for cheerleaders, and the cheer coach or school administrators will be glad to let you know what you need to do in terms of paperwork. Make sure you take your time to fill it all out completely, and be aware of requirements that need to be accomplished before a deadline, such as medical exams.

Talk to an Expert
Always talk to current cheerleaders on the squad and those who have tried out in the past. They have been in your shoes before and know how tryouts run. Learning some of the simplest details, like exactly where tryouts are held or in what order they run can take a lot of unnecessary stress off the mind. More importantly though, know what types of moves and cheers you will need to perform during the tryouts. This information should be available from the cheer coach or captain.

Cheerleaders have to have the strength of a gymnast, the flexibility of a dancer, and the stamina of a long-distance runner to be able to shout cheers, do stunts, and keep their spirit strong all the way through a game or competition. Taking lessons in any of those disciplines is a good idea, but you'll get the most valuable information from present or previous cheerleaders who know what it takes. They may be able to teach you previous routines, and certainly will have suggestions about how to get in shape for your tryout.

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