There's nothing worse than a negative cheerleading stereotype that's false. Every cheerleader has heard them. While we don't know how they got started, we do know that they're not true. Here's the proof.

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Cheerleaders Only Date Football Players
While some cheerleaders date football players, they also date other athletes, cheerleaders, and non-athletes. Additionally, most cheerleaders have too busy of a schedule to date!

Cheerleaders Aren't Athletes
Even if cheerleading isn't legally considered a sport, cheerleaders are most certainly athletes. They train just as hard as other athletes and have just as much drive and passion.

Cheerleading Isn't Dangerous
It's not just competitive cheer that's dangerous. Injuries occur all the time from the sidelines of games. For those who don't think cheer is dangerous, take a look at the numbers.

Cheerleaders Are Airheads
Cheerleaders not only have to maintain a certain GPA to participate in cheer, they also go on to have amazing careers! Not only have presidents, business executives, and actresses been former cheerleaders, organizations run by cheerleaders promote knowledge and education.

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