As a cheerleader, your job at any event is to amp up the crowd, motivate your team and bring everyone together to support the community. Use this free guide to help you navigate through the similarities and differences between football and basketball, and learn tips for cheering at each game.

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School Spirit For Any Game
The two most common sports games that cheerleaders perform at are football and basketball. These two sports have some pretty big differences that you need to keep in mind! Here's a quick breakdown of some of the major differences that you should consider when planning your cheers and stunts, and when picking your uniforms.

How Teams Are Built
Football and basketball have many differences, including the way their rosters are set up and how many players can be in play at a time.

Talking The Talk
It's important for sideline cheerleaders to understand the lingo of both games so they can call out relevant cheers and so they know when and how to rally the fans during their performances at games.

How To Tell Score
The scoreboard is your lifeline to understanding a game and if you don't understand how scoring works, the scoreboard is just going to look like a bunch of random numbers.

Cheering At Games
Sideline cheerleading teams know that one of their most important responsibilities is to get the fans on their feet and making some noise during games! Check out these commonly used words for football and basketball cheers and chants.

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