No one likes a bad cheerleading stereotype. We previously covered four common myths and now we're back to bust more. We prove wrong five stereotypes about cheerleaders that just aren't true, from snobby attitudes to body image.

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Every Cheerleader is Popular
We've seen it on TV or in a movie: the cheerleader is always Homecoming queen, is the most popular girl at school, and has a million friends. While this may be the case for some, being a cheerleader isn't a popularity guarantee.

Cheerleaders Have to Be Skinny
As an adolescent or teenager, body image stereotypes are all around, infiltrating bathroom gossip and passed notes. Cheerleaders are just as affected by these stereotypes, which is why it's important to understand the difference between being in shape and being skinny.

No Boys Allowed in Cheerleading
Did you know that half of college cheerleaders are males? Or that male cheerleaders play an important role on competitive squads? And then there's the fact that a guy, not a girl, first started cheerleading. For these reasons and more, the myth that boys can't (or shouldn't) be cheerleaders is very wrong.

Cheerleaders are Snobs
Are students at school intimidated by the cheerleaders? It might be because of this myth. They should be reminded that a cheerleader's goal is to unite, not isolate!

People Hate Cheerleaders
A sentiment like this one is a form of bullying and cheerleaders shouldn't have to endure it. Luckily, there are ways to prove that people actually admire and appreciate cheerleaders and their amazing community involvement.

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