There are so many benefits to cheerleading, where does the list even start?? Being involved in cheer renders more than just athletes; it renders better people. A cheerleader embodies many leadership qualities not by nature alone–it’s by cheerleading nurture, too! By being a part of a team, by pushing limits, and by being submerged in a larger than life sport, cheerleaders definitely gain valuable life lessons along the way. As a parent, cheerleading may be expensive, but it’s more than worth it with what your child walks away with it! But, what exactly do you love most about your child being a cheerleader? That’s the ultimate question… so we asked it in our February poll.

We asked, parents cast their vote, and now, here are the results!

1. Cheerleading teaches participants many things, and a main lesson is to never give up! Parents know the importance of perseverance, and moreover, commitment. At 34%, parents love how dedicated their child is to their sport! Cheerleading isn’t just any sport, too–it’s a lifestyle. Going full out for what they love is a great attitude to have, and the passion that cheerleaders have is undeniable.

2. The second most popular answer, at 27%, is “the confidence they’ve gained”. Sure, any sport can boost a player’s confidence, but in cheer, that’s taken to a whole new level. Cheerleaders cheer on others, and others respond by cheering cheerleaders back. It’s a cycle of enthusiasm and team pride that never ends, forcing participants to re-evaluate how they see themselves for the better in the process! Once you get that big win in the bag doesn’t hurt either!

3. Coming in third, at 19%: parents love their child’s sense of teamwork. Saying that cheerleading is a ‘team sport’ is an understatement–you just can’t do it alone! In order to make a routine happen, all cheerleaders need to work together and be on point. And, that same teamwork transcends into all other aspects of a cheerleader’s life as a result!

4. There’s much to achieve in cheerleading, and everybody was a beginner at some point! Surprisingly, only 13% of parents voted their child’s cheer accomplishments as their favorite thing, making this answer come in at number four. It’s not TOO surprising, though, since moving up in your cheer skills is outstanding, but doesn’t outweigh the benefits of lifelong leadership abilities.

5. Last, but not least, 7% of parent voters love how cute their child looks when they cheer. Even though all cheerleaders look amazing all dolled up for performance, ‘looking cute’ isn’t what they’re there for! It’s certainly worth noting, nonetheless.

For complete results, see the graph below, and don’t forget to vote in our March poll!

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